Mega hair: what do you need to know about the technique?

It is no longer news that mega hair is really a technique used by women who wish to lengthen their hair. But there are several details about them that may raise some doubts. In this post, we've separated some essential tips about mega hair for people who wish to bet on the technique. Check out!

Mega hair: what's it?

Long, voluminous hair may be the preference of many women. Therefore, stretching techniques are constantly being improved. This procedure is ideal for people who do not get the specified hair growth or who do not need to wait for the strands to develop naturally.

You will find two types of mega hair : the fixed one, which must certanly be applied with assistance from a specialized professional. The removable one, that may easily be applied at home. Therefore, the type of hair and the specified effect would be the characteristics that you ought to take into account when selecting the very best technique.

Mega hair: types of stretches

A number of the main techniques of fixed mega hair are: mega hair with keratin glue, mega hair with microlinks, mega hair with sewn fabric and mega hair adhesive tape.

Mega hair with keratin glue

The task performed with keratin glue is the most sought after by women who want to make mega hair , as it supplies a very natural effect to the hair, considering that the locks are applied in small amounts. This procedure is indicated for all types of hair, so long as they're healthy.

After the application form of mega hair with keratin glue, it is possible to take care of the hair normally, making use of your usual products, such as shampoo, conditioner and hair finisher ;.For those who use hair straightening iron, avoid passing it near the glue.

Mega hair with microlinks

As it pertains to mega hair with microlink, the threads are fixed to the natural hair in the form of small metal rings, which makes it easier to apply and remove. The technique lasts, normally, four months, and is not indicated for naturally straight hair, as they could present problems in fixation.

Mega hair with sewn fabric

In mega hair with sewn fabric, the stretch is fixed to the hair with a kind of seam. Using a needle much like a crochet hook, the professional passes the natural hair through the holes in the fabric as though sewing the stretch in the hair. This technique is preferred for people who have shorter hair, because it is practically imperceptible. Its duration is six to eight weeks.

Mega hair duct tape

Sticky mega hair may be the fastest technique among fixed stretches. The strands of hair are on an adhesive sheet that is glued to the natural threads. The end result is very cool and does not show any type of bump.

For those who want a temporary effect, mega hair tic tac is the best option, since it may be placed at home. Among the main tips for hair with tic tac lengthening is to place the mega hair very near the root so the effect is satisfactory. To know more, check out: 1b hair color

Mega hair: the importance of a specialized professional

It is essential that you appear for a skilled professional to apply your mega hair.He will lead to your natural hair and scalp to be able to decide what is the best technique and the very best materials to use. In addition, this will make certain that the application form is created using the necessary care to not damage your wires.

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